ThirdParty Postback API

Install postback

  • Method: get

  • URL:{app-token}/

  • app-token: It would be provided as a string in Metrix dashboard. Also, it's case-sensitive which means abc124 is different from ABC123

  • Query Parameters:

    installTimestampLongTime of installation in Unix timestamp format, in seconds
    adwordsRdIdStringGoogle AID for Android or IFA for iOS. If Google AID or IFA are not available — the "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" value is sent.
    limitAdTrackingIntAd tracking is restricted on the device. It can take the values: 1 if the user disabled ad identification; 0 if the user didn't disable it.
    deviceManufacturerStringThe device manufacturer detected by the AppMetrica service (for example, Apple or Samsung).
    deviceModelStringThe device model detected by the AppMetrica service (for example, Galaxy S6).
    deviceLocaleStringThe language on the device.
    osNameStringOperating system. Possible values: ios or android or windows.
    osVersionStringThe version of the operating system on the user's device.
    operatorNameStringThe name of the mobile operator.
    mobileCountryCodeStringMobile country code.
    mobileNetworkCodeStringMobile network code.
    appVersionNameStringThe app version in the format specified by the developer.
    appPackageNameStringThe package name for Android or the Bundle ID for iOS (for example,
    eventNameStringinstall or event
    installBeginTimeLonginstallBeginTimestamp from Google Play API
    referrerStringreferrerUrl from Google Play API
    metrixTokenStringmetrix_token which provided as a query parameter in click
    metrixUserIdStringmetrix_user_id which provided as a query parameter in click
    userAgentStringThe User-Agent at the time of installation
    ipAddressStringThe IP address at the time of installation
  • Links

    • AppMetrica postbacks documentation:
  • Notes

    • referrer parameter should be encoded to UTF-8