How can I define event?

You should go to this path in the Dashboard: Organizations -> Your organization -> Setting of your chosen application -> Events

After choosing a proper name for your event (e.g. purchase), copy its slug and with the help of documents put it in your application.

How can I check my events report?

Consider this path: Metrix Dashboard -> analytics sub-menu -> left sidebar -> click on the events.

For more information about the analytics please read the below link:

What is mobile analytics? Why is it importent? How does it work?

Is the defined event editable?

For sure. Go to setting -> events menu (as described above) and make your edits.

Is it possible to view and receive more detailed reports of events?

Yes, to view events in more detail, you can select the Events option from the Analytics sub-menu after entering the main page of the desired application. In this page, in addition to displaying the number of occurrences of events, users, sessions you can also filter events based on your events name and after that filter based on the attribute names which you can define on your events (for this purpose please refer to documents). Also, there is a download button at the top right which you can download a report from your events by it.

I want to define revenue for some events. Can Metrix track user activities that are revenue-generating after installation?

Yes. One of the features of Metrix Dashboard is the ability to Revenue Tracking. You need to first open the events section from the settings and define an event there. By doing this, in the Attribution section of the dashboard, you will see the amount of revenue from each user acquisition source by scrolling the page in tabular mode, in a separate column.

For more information, read this article: Monitor revenue events (Revenue Tracking)