General Questions


How can I create a Metrix account?

Step 1: Click on Get a Demo in website header.
Step 2: Fill out the signing up form.
Step 3: To verify your account, our customer service manager will call you.

Can I change my organization information?

Yes, after logging in to your account, click on Account and select Edit to change your information.

How to edit the profile information?

After logging in to your account, open your profile, click on User setting update your first name, last name, profile picture or password.

Are the Metrix reports real-time?

Reports on dashboard updates every 5 minutes on average and up to 30 minutes at most.

How can I change the dashboard language from Farsi to English and vice versa?

After logging in to your account, you can select the desired language between Farsi and English from the bottom of the page.