Fraud Prevention

Where can I monitor my fraud data?

To access Metrix fraud prevention service, select Fraud Prevention from Marketing section in the sidebar Menu.


Which kind of fraud does Metrix detect?

Metrix can detect four types of mobile fraud:

  • RI AIP: Rejected Install - Anonymous IP
  • RI TME: Rejected Install - Too Many Engagements
  • RI CI: Rejected Install - Click Injection
  • RI DO: Rejected Install - Distribution Outlier

What information can be found in each column of the fraud report?

In this section, in addition to the number of clicks and installs and the click-to-install and impression-to-click conversion rate, you can see the number and percentage of rejected installations for each tracker.

How are fraudulent statistics calculated in the dashboard?

Since attribution is based on the last click, the Metrix tries to get the last click that is not fraudulent and attributes it, otherwise, it is considered an organic installation.

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