Callbacks Management

What should I do if I want to receive installs or events automatically?

In the Metrix Dashboard, you can access your raw data in a couple of ways and customize your personal usage.

One of these approaches is provided through real-time callbacks.

Real-time callbacks allow you to monitor the data of each systematical event (including install, reinstall, fraud, ...) and customized events (including any desired event that you have defined in the dashboard) in real-time on your server-side.

The marketing unit of a business will need to have all of its users' information seamlessly in one database. For this purpose, Metrix provides you with this data in real time so that you can easily analyze and categorize your users' data and perform the relevant action according to this instant data.

How can I define callback for installs and events?

You should go to this path in the Dashboard (as the figure below): Organizations -> Your organization -> Settings of your chosen application -> Callbacks

You can define callback URL with the required parameters for each install, reinstall, uninstall, fraud and custom event.


Which parameters can be added to the callback URL definition?

These parameters are listed in the table below. You can choose any of these parameters and add them in macro form to your url so that Metrix can send them to your server in callback:

parameterparameter typeparameter descriptionexampleinstallreinstalluninstallfraudeventclick
tracker_codeStringtracker idbdjulq
network_nameStringad network nameAdNetwork1
campaign_nameStringcampaign nameBlack Friday
adgroup_nameStringad group nameVideo Banner
creative_nameStringcreative nameProduct Features
sub_idStringsub id83407c9a-392d-4f6b-b689-eadfe557ff18, abcdefg
action_nameStringtype of event, install or clickfraud
reinstalledBooleanis reinstalled?true, false
rejection_reasonStringfraud reasonanonymousIP, tooManyEngagements, clickInjection, sdkSpoofing, distributionOutlier
event_slugStringevent iduimgx
app_nameStringpackage name which implemented by the sdkcom.example.test
app_versionStringapplication version1.1.2.Beta
device_nameStringdevice modelsm-a505f
device_brandStringdevice brandxiaomi
device_manufacturerStringdevice manufacturerxiaomi
android_idStringandroid idb9da30111528c740
gps_adidStringgoogle play service ad id38400000-8cf0-11bd-b23e-10b96e40000d
ip_addressStringuser ip address91.251.150.188
user_agentStringuser agentDalvik/2.1.0 (Linux; U; Android 10; JSN-L22 Build/HONORJSN-L22)
metrix_user_idStringuser id in Metrixc0bcf71e-a027-4cfa-974a-e90e040e5c3a
created_atTimestampcreation time in ms1403674212
clicked_atTimestampclick time in ms1403568849
installed_atTimestampinstallation time in ms1404214634
cityStringuser cityTehran
countryStringuser countryIRN

Note: Metrix supports both camelCase and snake_case parameters.

Also, if you have a custom parameter that is filled by you on click, and you need it to be returned to you during installation or clicking, you can add it as a placeholder in your callback URL.

An example of an installation callback can be as follows:{clickId}&tracker_name={tracker_name}&ip_address={ip_address}

Also, the parameters provided by you in the sdk will be able to be sent to your server.

Is there a possibility of re-receiving not received callbacks if there is a problem in receiving them?

Metrix callback system has the ability to resend the lost callback for up to one day at 4-hour intervals if it does not receive a proper response from your server. Therefore, due to the possibility of sending unsuccessful callbacks again, it is possible to receive one callback several times. Thus, to avoid inconsistencies in statistics and additional counting, it is necessary to consider a unifying parameter on your server side.