Attribution Settings

How can I change the attribution settings?

Follow this path: Organization -> Your desired application -> Settings -> Attribution sub-menu

attribution setting

What are the methods for changing the attribution settings?

Here are three options to set up how to attribute clicks: Device Matching, Device Fingerprinting and Re-attribution.

The description of each method is given in their box in the Attribution Settings. However, for more information on the mechanism of each of these methods, read this Metrix blog:

Attribution Measurement Methods

How do I view reports of clicks, installs, and events for each tracker?

To view attribution reports related to clicks, installs and events by day, week and month, after entering the application, you must enter the Marketing section from the sidebar Menu and select the Attribution option. Here you can choose to view reports based on clicks, installs or events.

How can I view the uninstall and reinstall report of my application?

The Metrix dashboard lets you know:

  1. Which user engagement resources have had the most uninstallation and so you can optimize your advertising costs?

  2. If the uninstallation from one of user acquisition sources is much more than other sources, it indicates that the user has either been forced or encouraged to install the app, and this increases the likelihood of fraud.

To view this feature, in the Attribution section, set how to display reports as a table(use top right button), and in the table columns, view the statistics related to these features.

Read more about this feature of Metrix Tracker Dashboard:

Uninstall and Reinstall Tracking

How does the Metrix Dashboard report Reattributed Reinstalls?

If you have run a retargeting ad campaign and want to know from which sources users who have already deleted your app and returned to the app have been attracted, you can view the reattributed reinstall reports by activating the reattribution option in the Attribution window.

Regarding this feature of Metrix tracker, we recommend reading the following:

Reattributed Reinstalls Tracking