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Mobile Attribution

Match each user with the source and ad they engage with
Identify, Track, Optimize

'Metrix allows you to find the source, campaign, or network that brought you the best users. You can track each user throughout his/ her life cycle, analyze how each campaign is doing on each marketing channel, and optimize your advertising efforts at four different levels: Ad networks, campaigns, ad groups, and creatives.'

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Mobile Analytics

Metrix provides you with the tools you need to know your users.
Analyze, Manage, Report, Repeat

Get the reports you need when you need them to automate optimization throughout the user life cycle. Define and track in-app events tailored to your app. Optimize every aspect from creatives to user interface. Get the tools to know your users and leverage data trends to your advantage.

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Ad networks we have traffic from

Fraud Prevention

Fraudulent traffic costs you more than you imagine. Metrix will stand by you in the fight against fraud.
At Metrix we believe Fraud Prevention is key

Fraud corrupts your data, wastes time and money, and clouds your analysis. Don’t pay for fake installs. We will ensure that all campaigns tracked by Metrix are protected against ad fraud.

Metrix's strong suite of fraud prevention features detect:

  • IP Fraud
  • Click Injection
  • Click Flooding
  • Abnormal Engagement
  • SDK Spoofing
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Mobile business owners recommend Metrix

We compared Metrix's performance and features with well-known attribution providers and reached the conclusion that Metrix is a suitable and reliable replacement for mobile attribution and analytics to advance our mobile marketing goals.

Metrix enables us to analyze and interpret our most needed KPIs and data in time. Metrix steps beyond clicks and installs and allows us to distinguish the best campaigns and ad networks from the rest.

Metrix enables us to find the marketing channel that attracts users with more dialy transactions and less UAC, so we can have a better understanding of our users' LTV.

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Metrix is dedicated to provide a seamless experience across different platforms. The Metrix SDK gives you the power to attribute conversions and analyze sources regardless of your’s apps platforms and all without worrying about fraud.